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UR1 red-eye pens for safe red-eye removal in photographs from The Photo Album Shop
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UR1 red eye correction pen (single)

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acid free • photo safe • non toxic • made in Taiwan

539 UR1 red-eye pens will correct red eyes in photographs safely and easily.

UR1 red-eye pens have a precise soft felt tip with a light cyan ink which filters out the red in red eyes with minimal impact on surrounding colours, leaving the natural eye colour virtually unchanged.

Simply dot the red-eye pen gently until the red-eye is gone. Suitable for use on almost all colour photos (but not on Polaroid prints).

These pens correct red-eye only, and are not suitable for writing notes on the surface of photos. We carry Zig Photo Signature pens which are fine-point permanent marker pens designed to write safely on photographs.