Walther 250 clear photo corners, acid-free

Walther 250 clear photo corners, acid-free

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  • 250 corners
  • clear over white background
  • acid-free
  • made in Denmark

Walther 250 photo corners FE250S are a secure, safe way to mount your photographs.

Covid-19 has made air freight prohibitively expensive, so new stock must come from Europe by sea freight. Please email us including the item details to be notified as soon as new stock is available.

Walther photo corners are quick and easy to use - just pull out and peel off. The background is white and quite large, and the actual corner piece which holds the photo in place is clear.

Made in Denmark to very high quality standards, Walther 250 photo corners are regular size, measuring about 13mm x 13mm, but with a large mounting area, making the corners very secure on the page, as well as easy to handle and position. They are suitable for regular photos, as well as postcards, stamps, collector cards, etc. These corners are ideal for use on pages of any colour.

Each dispenser-pack contains a roll of 250 permanent acid-free clear photo corners, enough to hold up to 62 photos in place.

The advantage of any photo corner is that photos can be removed at any time, should you wish to copy or loan a photo, move them about, or read notes on the back.