Bantex A4 display books 40 sleeves / 80 photos

Bantex A4 display books 40 sleeves / 80 photos

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  • A4 pockets

  • 40 clear sleeves

  • 80 photos or documents

  • copysafe

  • archival polypropylene

Bantex A4 display books 31725 are an ideal solution for display, presentation and storage of A4 prints, certificates, documents and other A4-sized articles. Each book has 40 crystal-clear polypropylene pockets strongly welded into a black leather-grained polypropylene cover, offering storage for 80 items back-to-back.

Covers feature an spine insert which can be replaced with your own printed insert, or turned over and hand-written on, or simply removed. Top-loading pages are crystal clear acid-free polypropylene pockets. Pages are securely heat-welded into the covers, and are not removable or exchangeable.

Bantex / Beautone display books are available in various formats to suit A3, A4 or A5 items, and are ideal for home-printed photographs in these paper sizes, or for documents or other printed materials. These sizes are roughly equivalent to 16"x12", 12"x8" and 8"x6" photographic sizes, although trimming of several millimetres from the length of the photographs is required to make them fit. For instance, 12"x8" prints will need trimming by up to 7mm off their length to fit into these A4 display books.

There is no memo facility in these books, and they are not refillable.


This Bantex A4 display book 31725 has 40 pockets with internal pocket dimensions of 220x298mm.


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