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Albox archival 12x9 / A4 document sleeves (25)
Albox archival 12x9 / A4 document sleeves (25)

Albox archival 12x9 / A4 document sleeves (25)

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  • 12x9" pockets

  • 50 photos

  • 25 sleeves

  • archival

  • clear

  • A4 extrawide

44P01 25-pack of Albox archival 12x9" clear full pocket pages to hold 50 A4 documents or photos up to 24.5x31.5cm if stored back-to-back or 25 photos, certificates, documents or booklets if stored one-per-pocket (so that the backs can be viewed as well).


Albox archival 12"x9" pages measure 245mm wide x 315mm high. Each pocket measures 228mm wide x 315mm high. There is one top-loading pocket, so 2 photos can be stored back-to-back in each sleeve.

There are no memo tab slots on these pockets.

These A4-extrawide pages fit into Albox binders to create your own photographic archive. One empty Albox 40mm binder will typically hold about 50-70 sleeves, and a 25mm binder will hold about 30-50 sleeves, depending on the thickness of the items stored.

Albox binders and pages offer true archival quality storage for precious photographic materials and documents. Create an enduring photographic legacy to be treasured for generations to come as part of your family history. Purchase empty Albox binders and packs of Albox archival pages to suit photos, negatives, slides, enlargements, postcards or documents, and create your own customised photographic archival storage system to suit your exact requirements.


Albox binders and pages have been approved by the National Archives of Australia, and are made from archival polypropylene which has passed independent testing for suitability for photographic storage (specifically the Photographic Activity Test of the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester, New York, USA (ISO18916)). 

These pages have the universal holing system to fit into most binders, but please note they are about 1 inch wider than regular A4 pages, therefore requiring an A4-extrawide binder such as the Albox range of archival binders and slip-covers.