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Albox archival 6x4 slip-in 200 photo albums, refillable
Albox archival 6x4 slip-in 200 photo albums, refillable

Albox archival 6x4 slip-in 200 photo albums, refillable

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  • 10x15cm

  • 200 photos

  • slipcase

  • archival

  • refillable

44A200 Albox 200-pack photo albums offer library quality archival storage. Albox photo albums are refillable ringbound slip-in 200 albums which stand or stack beautifully in durable archival slip-cases.

Each album includes an Albox 25mm binder and slip-cover, 25 clear archival polypropylene sleeves to take 6"x4" (10x15cm) photos (holding a total of 200 photos) and memo strips. Extra pages can be purchased separately and added if required.

Albox binders and slip-covers are made of archival-quality polypropylene, and feature tough, patented nylon ring mechanisms. They are assembled without glue, and contain no metal parts which could corrode over time.

Each Albox album comes with a matching slip-cover for extra protection and ease of storage. In the slip-covers, the albums are better protected from crushing, moisture, vermin and light.


Albox 200-pack albums are comprised of Albox 25mm binders and slip-covers with Albox 6x4 pocket pages.  Albox 25mm binders and slip-covers have outer dimensions of 299mm deep x 325mm high x 31mm wide. Albox archival 6x4 pocket pages measure 255mm wide x 315mm high overall. Each pocket measures 104mm wide x 153mm high.


Albox 25mm binders and slip-covers are available without pages, so you can design your own archive system using these binders and the wide range of Albox archival pages.

This album is also available in a wider 40mm spine to hold 300 photos as our Albox archival 6x4 slip-in 300 photo album 44A300.

Use 3L self-adhesive label holders for quick and easy identification of Albox binders.