Black Satin photo box for 700 photos 24BOX86

Black Satin photo boxes

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two-piece • heavy cardboard • vinyl exterior • 700 photos 10x15cm • 300 enlargements 13x18cm or 15x20cm

24BOX86 Black Satin photo boxes are solid two-piece photo boxes suitable for 6x4, 7x5 or 8x6 photos.

Made from heavy card with an elegant satin-textured black vinyl exterior and internal black paper lining, these professional quality photo boxes provide a safe, neat and economical presentation option for a quantity of photographs such as wedding proofs, loose unfiled prints, etc.

Black Satin photo boxes will easily store up to 700 photos 10x15cm / 6x4" standing on edge, or 250 to 300 enlargements 13x18cm / 7x5" or 15x20cm / 8x6" laying flat inside the box. There are no index cards in this box.


Black Satin photo boxes have internal measurements of 155mm x 210mm x 100mm deep.