Cumberland FM664R Black Leaf square refills

Cumberland FM664R Black Leaf square refills

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305 x 290mm • 20 black leaves • drymount • postbound • acid-free • made in Australia

Cumberland FM664R Black Leaf square refills will add extra capacity to Black Leaf FM664 sqaure photo albums (now out of production). Each pack of refills contains 20 black acid free dry mount leaves (40 surfaces) with translucent swirl-patterned glassine interleaving and extension posts to suit Cumberland photo albums.

This is one set of Cumberland medium refills FM664R containing 20 leaves with interleaving and extension posts. We recommend a reasonable maximum of two sets of refills per album.

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FM664R page size is 305 x 290 mm, with a usable page surface (the maximum area onto which you can safely mount photos) of 250 x 305 mm (9.8" x 12").

Made in Australia.