Kikusui 108 framers kraft brown picture framing tape 48mm x 50m

Kikusui 108 framers kraft brown picture framing tape 48mm x 50m

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    • 48mm wide x 50 metres

    • ideal framing tape

    • very high quality

    • writeable & printable

    • made in Japan

  • Kikusui framing tapes are very reliable and strong flat-backed kraft paper tapes ideal for use in framing pictures, mirrors, etc, and a host of other applications. This 48mm width tape is suitable for most framing jobs, carton sealing, craft uses, etc. A wider 72mm tape is available for very secure mounting of heavier objects, and narrower tapes are available for lighter requirements.

    Kikusui 108 framing tape has a tough brown kraft paper backing coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive with temperature resistance to around 60 degrees C. The kraft paper provides strength, and makes the tape easy to use by hand, and can also be written on with permanent marker for safe, easy inclusion of notes with framed prints, etc.

    This is a roll of Kikusui 108 framing tape 48mm wide x 50 metres 45FTB4850.

    Kikusui 108 tape is a very high quality tape ideal for use not only in framing applications but general usage, carton sealing, signage and displays, etc.


    This tape is 48mm wide by 50 metres in length (about 2 inches x 164 feet). Total thickness of the tape is 0.15mm. Spindle diameter is approximately 75mm (3 inches).


    Kikusui 108 picture framing tapes are available ex stock in these widths: