Walther Premium Jumbo black photo album, white pages

Walther Premium Jumbo black photo album, white pages

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  • 37x37cm
  • 100 white pages
  • drymount
  • postbound
  • acid-free
  • refillable

JU302 Walther Premium Jumbo white page photo albums have superb quality covers of heavy black leather-grained vinyl, stitched around the edges for a handsome presentation.

Covid-19 has made air freight prohibitively expensive, so new stock must come from Europe by sea freight. Please email us including the item details to be notified as soon as new stock is available.

With their beautiful presentation and high quality of materials and manufacture in The Netherlands, they are an ideal album for family travels and histories, or special occasions such as birthdays, engagements, weddings.

Premium Jumbo albums are very large and have a huge capacity. With 50 acid free post-bound white pages (100 usable surfaces) with translucent white ricepaper-patterned interleaving between each leaf, Premium Jumbo albums have a capacity of up to 700 photos 6"x4" (10x15cm) at a squeeze, but more comfortably 600 photos 6"x4", or 400 photos 5"x5" or 7"x5". They will even take enlargements up to 8"x12" either way, or a huge 12"x12".


Premium Jumbo albums have a cover size of 37x37cm. Usable page surface (the maximum area onto which you can safely mount photos) is 325 mm wide x 351 mm high.


PA102 Premium Jumbo white page refills contain 10 white leaves (20 sides) plus interleaving and extension posts. One pack of refills will fit into each album.

This is a drymount album, so please visit our mounting products selection to add photo tabs, corners, pens and other album accessories to your order.