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What is a "MATTED PAGE" album?
an introduction to our MATTED-PAGE wedding albums

MATTED PAGE photo albums have an overlay with openings cut into it (known as a mat) mounted onto each page. Your photos are mounted behind these openings. This creates a framed display page similar to a professionally framed photograph.

Our matted page albums are premium albums, typically used as wedding albums, modelling portfolios and in other uses requiring very high quality photo presentation.

Mat styles range from a single sheet of heavy card (known as a "Single Mat") to picture-framer's matboard with bevelled-edge openings (known as a "Bevelled Mat"). Detailed information about the mat styles available for our book-bound albums is given in the section below.

BEVELLED MATS are premium mats cut from picture-framers's matboard with a surface colour and a core colour. When the openings are cut, the knife is held on an angle, thus creating a bevelled cut which exposes the core colour of the board, providing a framed effect to the photos. With its neat presentation, resistance to fingerprints, lightness and economy, bevelled mats in black with a white core are our standard recommendation. However, we also have white mats with a black core.

SINGLE MATS are made from a single sheet of heavy, textured card, and cost the same as our regular bevelled mats while providing a slimmer, lighter album. Single mats for our book-bound albums have a plain opening with no border. They offer simple and timeless elegance to your album without compromising on quality. Wherever possible, we usually recommend bevelled mats instead of single mats.


These albums are no longer available as of 2012.  If you are currently planning an album, please contact us or submit your order AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid disappointment.

The particular mats available for each different album style are clearly indicated on both the webpage and the Order Form for that album. All prices on our website refer to a COMPLETE LEAF, which includes one base page and two mats of your choice (one mat on each side of the base page). Therefore, if you were to want an album with a total of 30 mats, the cost will be worked out as (COVER COST) + (PAGE COST x 15).

The image above right shows a completed page in a matted page album, with the photographs inserted. The particular mat shown in this image has two openings, behind which the photos have already been mounted. The image below shows how the photos are inserted into our book-bound bevel-matted wedding album. You will notice the thin white border around the images, which is indicative of a bevel-matted page.

There is a wide selection of mat designs for you to choose from when planning the layout and sequence of photos in your album. The full list of mat designs is referred to as a MAT CHART, and these are specific to each different album format. Mat Charts for each available album format can be either viewed online or downloaded as a PDF file from each wedding album page.

We don't handle your photographs at all, but we provide a completed album to you, ready for you to insert the photographs. This is a simple and straightforward process, as shown in the image to the left (featuring a book-bound album with bevelled mats). The top edge of each mat is left unglued, for you to simply slip your photograph into place behind the mat. Generally, the pressure of the mat is enough to hold your photograph in place, but a small dab of glue will add extra security if desired.

Leaves for matted page albums are thick, heavy and expensive. For these reasons, matted page albums are ideally suited to a limited selection of photos. For larger quantities of photographs (say in excess of 100 to 200 photos), we recommend that you consider a dry mount photo album for some or all of your photos.

Our matted page wedding albums are custom-made to your exact requirements from our list of available specifications, and involve a great deal of highly skilled craftsmanship. The end result is a premium album to suitably complement a glamorous and once-in-a-lifetime occasion such as a wedding.



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