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What is a "BOOK BOUND" album?
an introduction to our BOOK-BOUND matted-page wedding albums

BOOK-BOUND albums feature professionally book-bound pages. This means that the pages are stitched together at the spine, creating a strong, secure unit known as a page block. This page block is then bound into the cover, providing the neatest possible presentation for your album.

Our premium wedding albums are book-bound for handsome presentation and tremendous durability. The image to the left shows an open book-bound matted-page album. Note how the book-binding allows the pages to lie almost perfectly flat in the open album, and how the opposing mats are positioned close to each other with very little margin between them.

Book-bound albums have a one-piece cover with encapsulates and protects the spine of the album. The image to the right is of a burgundy genuine leather book-bound album (featuring textured 'outback' leather). Note that the entire cover is custom-made to suit the exact thickness of each individual album from a single piece of material.

Book-bound albums are complete units, and there is no option to add, remove or change pages once the album has been created.


These albums are no longer available as of 2012.  If you are currently planning an album, please contact us or submit your order AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid disappointment.

This page relates specifically to our matted-page book-bound wedding albums. Our range of book-bound wedding albums feature matted pages, which are supplied fully-assembled to your specifications.

Leaves for matted page albums are thick, heavy and reasonably expensive. For these reasons, matted page albums are ideally suited to a limited selection of photos. For larger quantities of photographs (say in excess of 100 to 200 prints), we recommend that you consider a dry mount photo album for some or all of your photos.



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