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What is a "PIN HINGE" album?
an introduction to our PIN-HINGE matted-page wedding albums

PIN HINGE albums feature covers and pages which are joined together by an interlocking pin-hinge mechanism, much like a piano hinge which runs along the length of the spine. Pages are hinged, with the pins concealed inside the spine of the album. The hinge forms the spine of the album. This allows albums to be quickly assembled from components held in stock, providing both cost savings and much quicker production times.

With the exception of the hinging mechanism which forms the visible spine of the album, our pin-hinge wedding albums are similar in style to our book-bound and post-bound albums, and are made to exacting standards. These albums are assembled to your requirements from components usually held in stock.

The pin-hinge mechanism forms the spine of the album (the image to the right shows a 16"x12" horizontal pin-hinge Rimu album, with black pin-hinge mechanism). The hinge mechanism cannot be concealed (unlike in our post-bound and book-bound albums). The metal pin-hinges are available in several colours, as are the edges of the pages. You can choose from these colours to co-ordinate them with the album cover as you see fit. For instance, a black cover together with black hinges and page edges creates a stylish, modern look; while the same black cover with gold hinges and page edges creates a warmer, more traditional look. Full details of these options are provided at the bottom of this page.

When the album is open, pin-hinge pages lie flat (as shown in the image to the left; this album does not have mats attached yet). The opposing mats face each other across a neat margin of book-binding tape.

Pin-hinge albums allow the greatest degree of flexibility, by supporting the option to add, remove or change pages once the album has been created. We advise against adding extra pages later unless it is absolutely necessary, since we cannot ensure exact colour matching between different batches of card, hinges and so on, and further it usually requires extra costs including freight, replacement spine cover and replacement posts.

Covers for our pin-hinge matted-page wedding albums are expertly made from high quality materials, and involve considerable highly skilled craftsmanship.

Pages are superbly finished, with hinges and edging all around, and decorative metal page corners to enhance the appearance of the completed album.

Mats are cut when ordered to ensure that they come from the same batch of card, thereby ensuring colour matching. Mats are supplied loose for you to attach to the album pages yourself. This is a simple and straightforward task, and we provide step-by-step instructions to ensure that this process goes smoothly and easily. When you have attached your photos to the mats and the mats to the base pages, the end result is a professional and elegant album to suitably complement a glamorous and once-in-a-lifetime occasion such as your wedding.

These albums are supplied as per your instructions on our Order Forms, and we don't handle your photographs at all.

Leaves for matted page albums are thick, heavy and reasonably expensive. For these reasons, matted page albums are ideally suited to a limited selection of photos. For larger quantities of photographs (say in excess of 100 to 200 prints), we recommend that you consider a dry mount photo album for some or all of your photos.

This page relates specifically to our matted-page pin-hinge wedding albums.



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