Silver Chicago interscrews post and screw set, 15mm (pack of 6)

Silver Chicago interscrews post and screw set, 15mm (pack of 6)

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  • genuine nickel-plated brass
  • knurled head
  • archival
  • made in New Zealand

This is a 6-pack of bright silver 15mm Chicago interscrews 32IS15N-6 containing 6 posts and 6 screws with a 15mm post length.

Silver Chicago interscrews (also referred to as screw posts, book screws or ledger screws) are used in making post-bound photo albums and books, menus, folios, swatchbooks, etc

Made from bright silver nickel-plated genuine brass, shiny like a new coin, incredibly durable and ideal for archival use, these high quality interscrews have knurled heads which can be easily tightened and loosened by hand for convenience and to avoid burring.


Post length 15mm. Post diameter 5mm. Head diameter 10mm. Thread gauge M4.


Our silver interscrews are available in 5mm increments in sizes from 5mm up to 20mm, and can be lengthened further with the use of extension posts

Extension posts are available in 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm lengths. These can be used to extend the interscrews, for instance if extra pages are added to an album.

Our interscrews are also available in black and silver finishes.


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Variables such as length, depth, diameter, thread length and pitch mean that it is UNLIKELY that our interscrews or extensions will fit into existing sets from different manufacturers. Instead of trying to match existing sets, we recommend that you consider replacing your existing interscrews entirely. This way you will be able to add extensions or obtain replacements later if required.