Adhesive Dots photo mounting spots, 7mm diameter (700)

Adhesive Dots photo mounting spots, 7mm diameter (700)

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double-sided adhesive dots • 7mm diameter • pack of 700 • repositionable • photo safe • acid free

50001 Profile Adhesive Dots pack of 700 blue adhesive magic dots each 7mm in diameter are a quick and efficient way to mount photographs.

Simply mount a dot in each corner of the back of a photo, then press the photo into place in a dry-mount album.  Magic dots are repositionable in the short term, allowing for easy re-adjustments to correct the alignment of mounted photos, but they dry out over time to form a firm bond which holds photos securely in place.

These small adhesive dots are sufficient to hold regular photos in place, and one packet will mount 175 photos using one dot in each corner.

Magic dots provide a secure mount on the back of your photo in the same way that photo tabs do, but they are thinner than tabs, being only a spot of polymer adhesive. Magic dots differ from tabs and double-sided tape in that they have no bulky paper component - they are quite simply a spot of adhesive which can be 'picked up' from the carrier paper with the back of a photo, and then stuck straight down into an album. This makes them quick, clean and easy to use.


The original Magic Dots from New Zealand are no longer in production. Pioneered by Carven Industries and introduced to Australia by us, Magic Dots passed from one company to another as smaller stationery companies were taken over by larger ones, from Nicholas Nathan Limited (New Zealand), Geoff Penney (New Zealand), Geoff Penney (Australia), Pelikan Artline (Australia) and finally to Acco Brands from the USA, where the decision sadly seems to have been made to discontinue the original product. These adhesive dots are now manufactured in China by Profile Products.