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Bantex 2039 archival A4 sheet protectors from The Photo Album Shop
Schematic diagram of Bantex 2039 archival A4 pockets from The Photo Album Shop

Bantex 2039 A4 archival page protectors ultra-clear medium-grade 70 micron

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A4 pockets • 100 clear sheets • 70 micron medium grade • archival polypropylene • ultra-clear

Bantex 2039 A4 document pockets are made from tough clear archival polypropylene. Medium grade 0.07mm pages are substantially thicker than regular A4 pockets, and are ideal for compact and safe storage and archiving of documents, prints, photos, etc.

Polypropylene is a copy-safe, photo-safe plastic, ideal for safe long-term storage of document and photos.

This is a box of 100 Bantex 2039 medium-weight A4 document sleeves. Bantex 2039 pages will fit into any standard 2, 3 or 4-ring A4 ringbinder. There is no memo facility on these pages.


Bantex 2039 pages measure 230mm wide x 304mm high. Internal pocket dimensions are 211mm wide x 301mm high.


Bantex 2026 A4 archival page protectors anti-glare medium-light-grade 50 micron box of 100.

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