Kikusui 190 double-sided tapes 24mm x 50m
Kikusui 190 double-sided tapes 24mm x 50m

Kikusui 190 double-sided tapes 24mm x 50m

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Kikusui double-sided tissue transfer tapes, very high quality, high strength acrylic adhesive.

Kikusui double-sided tapes are very reliable and strong double-sided tapes ideal for permanently mounting signs, cards, etc, as well as a wide range of other applications.  This 24mm width tape is ideal for poster mounting, presentations, shop window dressing displays, signage, seam-sticking, etc, where very secure adhesion is required. Narrower widths are available for general photographic and craft uses.

This is a roll of Kikusui 190 double-sided tape 24mm wide x 50 metres 452450.

Kikusui 190 double-sided paper tissue tape has a rayon tissue carrier coated with high-performance acrylic adhesive on both sides. The rayon tissue carrier provides strength, and makes the tape easy to use by hand. Kikusui 190 double-sided tape has excellent UV, temperature and solvent resistance, and is a very high quality double-sided tape ideal for use in signage and displays featuring heavy card, plastics, rubbers and foams, timbers and thin metals such as nameplates and plaques; holding materials such as leather, vinyl and fabric together during assembly and stitching; even for use as seamstick in sailmaking.


This tape is 24mm wide (approximately 1 inch) by 50 metres in length. Total thickness of the tape is 0.120mm. Spindle diameter is approximately 75mm (3 inches).


Kikusui 190 double-sided tape is available ex stock in these widths:

  • Kikusui double-sided tape 6mm x 50m
  • Kikusui double-sided tape 9mm x 50m
  • Kikusui double-sided tape 12mm x 50m
  • Kikusui double-sided tape 18mm x 50m
  • Kikusui double-sided tape 24mm x 50m 

Other widths including 6mm and 48mm are not stocked, but are available on order.

For acid-free double-sided tape suitable for photographics and scrapbooking, look for our Kikusui 192 acid-free double-sided tapes.